Bringing the voice of a technology enabled future to your innovation planning.

There’s a popular quote being bandied around in government offices and corporate innovation communities today and it goes something like this. ‘The past is over-represented in Washington. The future has no lobbyists.”

Not only is this a problem for policy makers in Washington, Ottawa and other world capitals but it is increasingly a problem for almost every existing corporation.

Corporations and the managers that work in them are accustomed to a future that arrives slowly and can be responded to when the time comes. The pace of change has been measured and it has been more important to optimize existing businesses than to find or respond to disruptive new ones. Incremental innovation has been the sweet spot for corporate success. Skills in finance, accounting, customer interaction and operations have been the enablers of personal performance.

This is no longer always true.

Technologies are increasing in power exponentially and transforming businesses and industries overnight. Firms such as Kodak, Blockbuster, Borders, the Yellow Pages Group along with industries such as newspaper and music publishing have been transformed already.

Advanced technologies such as the internet of things, cloud computing, big data, robotics, drones and genomics are preparing to turn the retail, energy, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and agricultural industries on their heads.

In addition, new technology enabled business models represented by firms such as Uber, Airbnb and a slew of well financed sharing economy startups are challenging the travel and accommodation industry today and most other sections of the economy tomorrow.

What’s a corporate executive, manager, or public policy maker to do? Paul and his associates consult with established business that hope to lead in these innovative new areas or defend against fast moving and well financed startups. We also advise policy makers regarding technological trends and their likely economic, employment and social consequences.

Whether the audience is a board of directors, corporate strategy group, senior executive, or auditorium of employees or customers, Paul and his associates can assist in education, decision making and planning. Saying it another way, we act as the lobbyists for your technology enabled future.

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