What are your company’s leaders prepared to do to “get ahead of the curve?”

Technologies are increasing in power exponentially and transforming businesses and industries overnight. 

Industries as diverse as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, education and law are about to experience the same technology enabled disruptions that have upended the publishing and retail sectors

Paul and his associates assist established businesses that intend to lead in these innovative new areas or reinvent themselves to defend against fast moving and well financed start-ups.

We also advise policy makers regarding technological trends and their likely economic, employment and social consequences.

Whether it’s education, decision making or planning, we can help you build your roadmap to future success.

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Current Priority Research Areas

Artificial Intelligence for Business Decision Makers

It’s becoming clear that Artificial Intelligence is a transformative new general-purpose technology. Following in the footsteps of other GPT’s such as the printing press, steam engine, electricity and microprocessor; AI algorithms have the potential to radically transform employment, productivity and society. Business decision makers need to mitigate underlying risks and invest appropriately to drive future competitive advantage.

Intrapreneurship; Leveraging Startup Best Practices in Mature Firms

We believe that mature firms should choose a ‘best of both worlds’ option for innovation and growth. They should borrow best practices from start-ups and global technology giants while at the same time leveraging their existing capabilities and resources.
second half of the chessboard

Exponential Technologies and the Changing Nature of Competition

In a world that is changing faster than ever before and at an accelerating rate what’s a mature firm to do to compete and win? The answer begins with understanding exponential technologies and the changing business models they enable.

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