AI – How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Your Business

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a transformative new general-purpose technology. Following in the footsteps of other GPT’s such as the printing press, steam engine, electricity and microprocessor; AI algorithms have the potential to radically transform employment, productivity and society. Business decision makers need to mitigate underlying risks and invest appropriately to drive future competitive advantage.

  • Foundations and history of artificial intelligence
  • AI terminology
  • Machine learning – general process, common types and application
  • How to apply machine learning to your business and goals
  • AI bias and how to create unbiased applications for your business

After completing this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Classify different types of AI learning approaches
  • Convey why machine learning is important for your business processes and strategy
  • Create a high-level business plan that integrates AI into your organization
  • Confidently communicate with your IT partner to drive true business value in AI projects

This workshop is ideal for business leaders and decision makers who are interested in exploring the fundamentals of AI and understanding its relevance to your organization. You do not need a technical background, in fact, we prefer you don’t!