Where's the Opportunity?

With over 30 years of experience in industry, Paul and his associates look at strategy differently. Using a technology lens, we scan the landscape for trends and shocks that may create opportunities or risks for existing businesses, regulatory challenges for policy makers, or entrepreneurial opportunities for start-ups. Once identified, we dig in and advise our customers on the impact and opportunities those disruptions can produce and suggest specific responses that may be appropriate. When and how a firm executes one or more of these strategies in response to disruption is a key decision that is growing in importance as technological and business model change accelerates.


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What We Do

Competitive Scanning and Reporting

Since the dawn of commercial business, firms that could acquire, analyze and act on information more quickly and effectively than their competition have outperformed in the marketplace. Whether that information advantage was provided by a clipper ship in the 18th century, telegraph in the 19th century or a Bloomberg or Thompson Reuters terminal in the 20th century; better information has been a key contributor to superior profits. In the 21st century, big data and analytic technologies enable the next step in competitive intelligence. They allow scanning and interpretation of competitive threats in near real time. Awareness of a challenge is the first step towards a competitive response or a disruptive new offering.

Board and Senior Management Presentations

McKinsey says ‘the role of the strategist is increasingly about trend forecasting, competitive intelligence, technology and competitive innovation.’ Building on our competitive intelligence expertise and multi-year technology forecasts we educate senior management and boards of directors about technologically enabled competitive threats and opportunities. Worried about being ‘uberized’ or wondering what it even means? We can help


If a management or board presentation creates urgency around competitive challenges or innovation opportunities a follow up workshop helps to transform opportunity into action. Our technology and intrapreneurship lens combined with your domain expertise in a multi-day format enables a rapid transition from awareness to market response.

Multi-Client Research

When entire segments or the economy are under threat from technological change or technologically enabled new business models our multi -client research helps educate and frame competitive alternatives. This service provides scanning and interpretation of technological, geographic or industry level challenges, opportunities and potential response.

Contract Research

When generic feedback about technological and business model change isn’t sufficient we can build on our higher level research to deliver analysis specific to your firm and your real time business challenges. Our contract research enhances our competitive scanning and multi-client services with custom research and analysis specific to your immediate corporate needs.

Organizing for Innovation

Awareness of alternatives and picking the correct strategic response should put a firm on the road to market success. Without the correct organization executing on the strategy however the response often falls short. We help you understand how to combine the best characteristics of your traditional structure with the best features of innovative startups and technological giants.

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