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CMC-Canada hosted an international conference focused on the issues of management consulting in October 2016. Participants came from across Canada as well as from a number of overseas destinations to listen to some of Canada’s finest minds talk about the foremost areas of concern and opportunity. Needless to say, there was a constant buzz in the room as areas of mystery and opportunity were explored. Paul Barter provided the perfect launch for those discussions by providing an engaging and complete introduction to the emerging technology landscape and how many industries are being impacted.

I am personally grateful to Paul for his contribution. I will let our conference attendees have the last word as they voted the presentations by Paul and Ted Graham to be the best of a strong program.

Jac van Beek, CEO, CMC-Canada (Canadian Association of Management Consultants)
We had the opportunity to have Paul speak at our Board of Directors planning session this spring. His topic explored the emergence of the Sharing Economy as well as the implications surrounding technology as a key driver for this type of disruptive innovation. Paul’s extreme depth of the subject matter was quite evident, and his presentation style and professionalism were an absolute hit with our Board and senior management team. So much so, we asked him to provide an encore presentation at an executive management planning session two weeks later! Going forward, we look forward to working with Paul on a more frequent basis.
Ken Kolstad, Vice President, Strategy and PPO. The Co-operators Group Limited.
I invited Paul Barter to speak at our inaugural DigiTalks series, which brings in external thought leaders to inspire employees about innovation and all things digital. Paul prepared a compelling and relevant presentation about ‘Creative Destruction of Finance’ that expanded employee knowledge about industry disruption, but more importantly, increased employee engagement and discussion about how companies can leverage new technologies and consumer trends to continually innovate and exceed customers expectations.
Darryl Silva, Associate Vice President Strategy and Planning, Digital Channels, TD Bank
Paul put together a customized keynote presentation for our event, The Canadian ISP Summit. He delivered it flawlessly to 300 attendees and was inundated with questions and kudos after his talk. Paul rated amongst the highest of any speaker we have ever had and certainly at last year’s event. As we plan for this year’s Summit, we are actively working on ways to bring him back for round 2!
Michael Garbe, President, Accelerated Connections, Vice President, Canadian Network Operators Consortium
The standout thing about Paul’s MBA lectures was how engaged he was, and how deeply passionate he was about the content, and the impact digital marketing was having on reshaping the face of marketing as a whole. Every class he would present new and timely examples of what was happening and engage the class in debate around how that evolved the way brands influence their customers. Unlike a lot of classes, this one leveraged the concept of a wiki over the concept of a textbook because Paul understands that the new reality is one of change and pace.
Rick Neuman, CIO & EVP, Walmart Canada
We invited Paul to a recent, post-unification education meeting between CPA Canada and Provincial Accounting Bodies from across Canada to set the CPA Profession’s future direction in providing relevant CPD to CPAs in Canada. The key to setting the right direction is to understand the environment in which we are currently operating, and more importantly the environment in which we will be operating in future. Paul’s keynote sessions on the creative destruction of our economy and the uberization of everything opened our eyes to the shocks and trends that will have significant implications to business generally, and his ability to effectively focus the message to our business of continuing education created a perfect backdrop for our strategy deliberations. His message and insights guided us to a plan we believe will position us to not only address future challenges, but identify opportunities to thrive in the new environment. Thanks Paul.
Frank Colantonio, CPA, CA, CITP, Director – Professional Learning and Development, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada
Paul was one of our best faculty members who worked on multiple projects both in custom research and multi-client studies. A triple threat, he was skilled at producing quality research, delivering thought-provoking presentations and expertly engaging with our executive clients. A pleasure to work with: Paul has a great attitude and is a consummate team player.
Mike Dover, Vice President Research Operations, New Paradigm

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