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“Paul has been an invaluable mentor for our company,” says Mallory. “His ability to help us look at a big picture strategy, coupled with insights about the sharing economy as co-author of The Uber of Everything, has helped us to hone in on our go-to market strategy and future scale plan. The resources Paul and the RIC Centre have provided enabled us to expand our network and develop and execute on our growth plan efficiently and successfully.”
Mallory McKewen, Founder and CEO, BridesMade
Mark Oleniuk, Managing Partner of Element Project Services, reveals that Paul has been a great sounding board and advisor for them during the early stages for their company. “He has been instrumental in setting us up for success, and always challenges us to look at our business from all angles,” says Mark. “We look forward to our continued relationship and guidance from Paul as we move through the various stages of our company growth.”
Mark Oleniuk, Managing Parter, Element Project Services (ResQ)
For Daniel Ruscingo, Co-Founder of ClinicSense, Paul has been an incredible mentor for the company. “He has helped us with several aspects of our business— from navigating government grants, customer acquisition and sales, to exploring channel partnerships,” explains Daniel. “Additionally, with Paul’s advice we have increased our social media reach by 100%!”
Daniel Ruscigno, Co-Founder, ClinicSense
As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Peel region’s leading technology incubator, RIC Centre, Paul meets with dozens of clients and helps them scale up, commercialize, and become a success in the market while surveying all the possibilities through a business and technological lens.

Through his work, Paul noticed the problems and challenges surrounding the information technology component of entrepreneurial startups. When trying to reach out to an audience through platforms such as social media, it is important not to confuse the target market with one’s ideals. Paul puts it quite plainly: “I am not my Target Market.” The idea is to look towards the market, and cater to them. Paul also encourages his clients to converse with customers right away for a diverse range of opinions.

“The most exciting things aren’t just technologies themselves,” explains Paul. “For all the problems in the world, you can use solutions that are ICT enabled.”

“Companies with great ideas get their product commercialized,” says Paul. “It’s important to create value, but it is also important to capture that value.” With that philosophy, Paul and his mentees figure out how to effectively use their time to reach their goals.

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